MIS's Services

We understand your story is unique. That is why our micro-campaigns and solutions are individually crafted for each of our clients.

K12 Solution

MIS works as an IT solution company helping to solve various problems in Academic.

Web Development

MIS provides professional web development services with our team of talented developers.

Mobile Development

MIS provides mobile application development services. Our mobile developers use state-of-the-art technologies for the most popular platforms: iOS and Android.

Remote Administration and System Integration

MIS offers you remote administration services that will allow you to maintain computer network at the optimum level at a reasonable price. We will offer you great IT solution to expand the network and infrastructure.

IT Consulting

MIS works as an IT consulting company helping to solve various problems that may arise when a new project starts up or when improving an existing one. For small businesses, IT consulting services can trigger successful company expansion.

MIS's Portfolio

MIS is a design studio located in Hong Kong, directed to local, domestic, & international markets.

We are an experienced group of designers and programmer, with a focus on interdisciplinary collaborative workflow. Our journey to perfection drives us to constantly seek out the best design ideas to achieve high standard results.

Remote Support
Web & App Develop
System Integration
IT Consultant

MIS's Products

  • School Innovation Management (SIM)

  • SIM Care (School IT Consultant Service)

  • VDI Solution

  • Virtualization

  • Indoor Location Based Tracking Solution

  • POS System

  • IT Solution

  • DTech

  • Fanvil

  • MCT

  • Morefine

  • Novods

  • Ruckus

  • Kaspersky

  • HPE

  • HP

  • Lenovo

  • LG

  • Sophos

  • Epson

  • Alhua

  • Sennheiser

  • Dell

  • brocade

MIS's Profiles

Company Overview

Make It Simple (MIS) Ltd. was founded in 2017. Back by our background, our sincere desire to innovate and help our clients’ businesses became our drivers for success. We have grown dynamically, constantly expanding the range and raising the quality of our services.

MIS has an professional team, with of experts in different IT domains. A key point in our HR policy is the provision of exceptional opportunities for professional growth and self-actualization.

Our company’s success relies on collaboration with clients based on trust and mutual respect, Our systematic approach to any project activity is grounded in our rich experience and deep expertise in modern IT. We endeavor to work so that each client, regardless of their order size, becomes our long-term partner.


Our mission is to make customer IT development be simple.


Innovative Approach

Creatively Brave

Innovative Approach: MIS is a team of professionals who are “creatively brave”. We dare to take on complicated tasks that demand novel solutions. Innovation and flexibility drive our search for the best technical solutions for our clients. The end-goal is always delivering reliable results.

High Quality

International Standards

Our talented team of professionals has a lot experiences to make sure the product stay on high quality. Our deliverables satisfy the highest international standards.

Active Engagement

Collaborative product development

At MIS, we believe that our client’s success = our success. We uphold transparency and integrity in our client relationships. We have developed collaboration schemas that provide our clients active participation and control over the entire process, and give them the capability to influence the direction of the project.

Full Range

Design for you

We provide packages of IT services that can be tailored to the client’s needs. Our team can work through the full end-to-end software development lifecycle, or implement a particular part of the project. We will assemble a dedicated, ready-to-work project team of experts with the required skills for the successful project completion. We have the equipment, resources, software and skills to fully support the IT infrastructure of your business.

Our Location

(Hong Kong) Rm510, Wayson Commercial Building, 28 Connaught Road West, H.K
(Shenzhen) Rm7B1, 7/F, 1045 Futian Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China

Get in touch

Email to support@make-it-simple.hk